How to get your Powerball tickets online

Compared to what is offered in the USA at the Powerball Lotto week by week, the lotteries in other countries seem to be relatively tiny, even when their jackpot happens to be high. The record jackpot in the US currently stands at a staggering $ 1.5 billion - paid out in 2017!

Of course, this immediately makes you wonder whether you can buy a ticket for Powerball online. And indeed, you can play Powerball online, from any country in the world - if you have a credit card or can use any other online payment method. This is perfectly safe and legal!

This is possible through a company named RedFoxLotto, a renowned lotto courier service - click here to visit the website of RedFoxLotto. You just pick a lottery, tick the numbers and then pay. Your personal ticket will subsequently be bought by a RedFoxLotto agent and sent to you by email - that's all!

How does Powerball work?

Powerball is probably a bit different from your local lottery. Here you pick 5 numbers out of 69, as well as a Powerball number between 1 and 26. Thus the chance of winning the jackpot (for that, you must of course have all 5 main numbers and the Powerball number correctly) is at 1 in 292 million. Sounds frightening, but somebody wins the jackpot all the time at some point!

Another special feature is: You can opt for the so-called "Multiplier" when buying a ticket. With each draw, a multiplier will be drawn, which can be two, three, four, five, or ten times. Depending on the drawn Multiplier, all "smaller" winnings will be multiplied (except for the jackpots and the prize for 5 correct main numbers.

The whole affair is quite simple if you play Powerball online - you can not make any mistakes the numbers (except picking the wrong ones, of course). If you tick only 4 numbers instead of 5 or forget to pick a Powerball number, then RedFoxLotto will point it out to you.

In addition to Powerball and the other major US lottery Mega Millions, at RedFoxLotto you can also buy tickets for over 20 other lotteries worldwide. Thus, you have the opportunity to simply search the website for whatever jackpot is the highest and get your ticket. That maximizes your chances of winning - assuming equal ticket prize, the higher the potential profit will be, the higher the mathematical expectation of winning is!