Participating in El Gordo La Primitiva is quite easy

This lottery is particularly popular during the Christmas season, because especially during that time, large amounts of money are at stake. Since tickets for this largest Spanish lottery can not be bought from anywhere, unless you are in Spain, you can only play El Gordo Lotto online, at RedFoxLotto. This is an agency service that offers a purchase and courier service specifically for lottery tickets. Use this link to open the website of RedFoxLotto in a new tab.

The peculiarities of El Gordo

The actual name of this lottery is "Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad", but the name El Gordo (translated: the fat/big one) has become more commonly known. In this lottery one does not choose e.g. 5 numbers out of 50, but you buy a ticket with a serial number. Of these there are only 100,000 different ones, the ticket number being between 000,000 to 999,999. A n entire ticket costs € 200 - and because that would be too much for most lottery fans, a ticket is divisible into 10 pieces, the so-called "Decimos", at a price of € 20.00 each. With a partial ticket the player wins "only" 10% of the prize awarded to the ticket number.

Because the entire ticket, or its "Decimos" is usually sold at a single point of sale to different players, again and again the situation occurs that, for example, in a small village 10 inhabitants become millionaires in the same draw. It is also very popular to buy a ticket and share it with family members - so then in the case of a winning, the lottery makes an entire family happy.

So if you want to take part in a slightly different lottery (or perhaps want to give partial tickets as gifts to friends and family), then El Gordo is the right one for you. Buy your ticket online now at RedFoxLotto!