Euromillions now accessible online for everyone!

Hearing the name EuroMillions, it is only natural to think that this lottery is offered throughout Europe. Unfortunately this is not the case, because only some European countries allow the regular tickets to be sold in stores. And of course, no tickets are available in the traditional way if you reside outside Europe.

But that does not mean that a lottery player not residing in one of these countries has to do without EuroMillions - because you can always buy tickets for this lottery online!

There is an online lottery provider called RedFoxLotto (click here to open their website in a new tab), which buys the tickets you desire for you. You order and pay online - of course you can choose your numbers freely. And this provider also takes care of you in case you win.

One provider - many lotteries, massive jackpots

At RedFoxLotto you can not only get tickets for EuroMillions but also for more than 20 other huge lotteries. These include Americas two biggest lotteries Powerball and Mega Millions, which keep making headlines because their jackpots often exceed $ 500 million.

Here you can find a huge jackpot at any time and the prices for the lots including the courier service are reasonable.

Is this actually legal?

Yes it is, absolutely. If you were on holiday in the US and bought a Powerball ticket there, or if you were to buy a ticket for EuroMillions while visiting another European country, that would be absolutely legal. If you win, you would have a perfect claim to the lottery company. The only difference when buying with the help of RedFoxLotto is that someone else buys the tickets in your name.

How does EuroMillions work?

Here you have to select 5 out of 50 main numbers, as well as 2 star numbers from 1-12. The jackpot always starts at least 14 million, and at 190 million the jackpot will be capped. Numbers will be drawn every Tuesday and Friday.