This huge Italian lottery is now open to the World

This lottery is different than most lotteries from other countries. The number of possible numbers combinations is relatively high. That leads to large jackpots, because often enough nobody has the winning combinations for several weeks. The ticket prices for this lottery are lower than most. In Italy, people love their lottery, and when the jackpot goes up, they buy even more lottery tickets.

Playing from other countries

Tickets for Superenalotto are not for sale where you live? Not a problem - you just have to visit (click this link) and order tickets online. Besides Superenalotto, this courier service for lottery tickets from other countries can provide you with tickets for the big American lotteries, for Euromillions and a lot more. Payments can be made via a wide choice of methods, they even allow you to pay through Paypal.

Just wait for the draw and check your numbers

After the draw results are out, you can just go back to your RedFoxLotto customer account, check your tickets and you will see all winning numbers highlighted. Anyway, in case you win, they will also send you an email message to make sure that you do not miss any winnings.

Check the other jackpots too

We suggest that you check out the size of the various lottery jackpots first. If you find a jackpot that is larger than what Superenalotto currently has to offer, you might want to decide to buy a ticket for that lottery. We wish you good luck!