Mega-Sena has large prizes too

The lottery Mega-Sena actually takes place in Brazil, and those who do not live or stay in the country have no chance to participate in the lottery. However, there is now a possibility of participation, for players from all over the world - namely by ordering a ticket online. A lottery ticket service called RedFoxLotto allows all lottery fans to buy as many tickets as they want. This link leads to their website, where you can first select your numbers with a few mouse clicks and then pay online. A short time later, you will find confirmation of purchase in your email inbox.

In the event of a win, the payout of your winnings (by the way, without any deductions) will also be dealt with by RedFoxLotto. The ticket is in your name and you can be sure that only you will receive the prize. In addition, you automatically receive a notification when you win!

The format of Mega-Sena is simpler than most other lotteries. There are 60 numbers from which each participant can select 6. There are no additional numbers. The probability of having 6 out of 60 numbers correctly is about 1:50 million. There are two draws a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The record jackpot of the past few years was about 75 million euros.

What are the benefits of participating in international lotteries online?

Well, first of all RedFoxLotto offers you over 20 lotteries online that you can not get a ticket for in the traditional way. The biggest advantage of course is that, for a fixed price per ticket, you can choose a lottery jackpot which is significantly larger than what is currently offered in your own country. In mathematical terms, this increases your profit expectations - or in other words, you get more value for your money when participating online!

Take a look at the right of our website (if you read this on your mobile phone, scroll down) - then you'll see which lottery jackpots are currently offering the biggest winnings. If Mega-Sena is not that high, then it's best to just pick another jackpot that seems to be more rewarding - with RedFoxLotto you can participate in any jackpot online in seconds!