Why are bigger jackpots the better deal?

Everybody loves to play the lottery, and even more so when the jackpot is really big. And that makes perfect sense, too - even from a mathematical point of view. It's really quite simple: if lottery A has a jackpot of $5 Million and a ticket costs $2, and lottery B has a jackpot of $100 Million, then you want to play lottery B - even if you had to pay $6 for a ticket to play. That is what the math would tell you.

And that is exactly what playing the lottery online is all about. Buying a ticket online through RedFoxLotto means that you fill out a custom online order: your numbers, your ticket - you define how many lines you want and for how many weeks. They buy the ticket for you in the country where the lottery is taking place. For this service, they charge you, meaning that for example a Powerball ticket which originally costs $2 may cost you $4.50 when you order it online.

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But with RedFoxLotto online service, you have a lot more lotteries at your disposition, most of which are unaccessible to you in the traditional way. That said, it is correct to assume that playing the lottery online, even if it's more expensive, is a better deal.

And actually, RedFoxLotto makes it pretty easy for you to pick the best deal - because on their site, they list the jackpot in a way that the currently highest jackpot is always shown first.

The biggest jackpots

If you live in the US, then you are lucky, because the two biggest lotteries in the World are based here, namely Megamillions and Powerball. Both have reached jackpot amounts of $1,6 Billion in 2018, and jackpots of several hundreds of millions are rather common. But even in the US, tickets for those lotto jackpots are not being sold in every state. And lotto fans from other countries cannot buy tickets at all (unless they happen to be in one of those US states).

So if you are not in the US, ordering a ticket online is your only option if you want to buy a Powerball or Megamillions ticket. Those two lotteries are always among the first ones I check before I decide which lotto to play.

Next on my list of favorite lotteries are Euromillions and Eurojackpot. Their top prizes are in the $50 million range most of the time (although they have been know to go even higher than that), and I like them a lot because the odds of winning the jackpot are much more in the players favor, compared to the big US lotteries.

Another lottery I like to play is El Gordo (the fat one), also known as La Primitiva. The El Gordo jackpot may not reach amounts such as Powerball, but it is still very attractive. Especially before Christmas, I always buy a ticket, because that is when everyone in Spain buys one and the jackpot really goes up.

Those are my personal tips for the biggest lottery jackpots in the World, and remember: don't spend money on a lottery ticket unless the jackpot is at least $30 million or higher. Always check RedFoxLotto out first - you will most certainly find at least one jackpot higher than that on their website!